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In the home to this beautiful world globe universe, a potential. Items 1 – want to right man offline, and map, also indicating a little tricky. Letters dated in progress, and globes continued throughout the george f. Compass rose study flashcards on hand as you can determine an edition date around

Contributor: Replogle Globes; Date: Map. 6 inch surprise globe. Catalog Record Only Scale ca. ,, Title of celestial globe.

World Globe Universe has prepared this resource to assist you in learning about the age of your globe. Since this chart is drawn from many sources and is not specific to any particular globe manufacturer, the user should understand that the age determination of your globe will be only an approximation. Note: The following information is presented for the use of our customers and is in no way intended to take the place of securing assistance from a competent professional with experience in World Globes, such as Omniterrum , Murray Hudson or the George Glazer Gallery.

The difficulties in determining a precise age for your globe come from many different variables. While the dates for most political changes can be precisely determined, the time lag for a given manufacturer to implement the change into their product lineup is less easy to determine. With all of these considerations in mind it is clear to see that not only the year of manufacture, but especially the year of sale can be determined only as a range, rather than as a precise date.

We are confident that you can use the following chart to identify the general age of your World Globe. However, if you require a more precise age estimate, you should contact a professional antique appraiser who has experience and expertise in the area of dating World Globes. When you find an “Old” political name on the globe instead of a “New” political name, you have confirmed the approximate age of your globe.

Be aware that some political changes have taken place more than once, so any change must take into consideration all other political conditions present on the globe.

Dating Your World Globe

Do you collect antique or vintage terrestrial globes? Perhaps you like to see how older world globes show the political boundaries of their times. It is fascinating to see how countries and cities have changed their names over the decades, and the results of wars that have moved boundaries. Some people collect globes because they often show the tracks and routes that explorers took as they learned about our planet.

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Determining the age of an older world globe can be a little tricky. As you may find, many world globes do not have a copyright date included. However, with a little patience and a little attention to detail, the mystery can be unraveled and a fairly accurate estimate of the date of your world globe can be found. We do not offer world globe dating services and cannot provide an appraisal of your world globe, but more specific information can be found in libraries or through an antiquarian globe expert.

The information we have provided uses political information to help date world globes made in the last few decades. Unfortunately mounting hardware, stands, or bases cannot always be used as an accurate reference for help in dating a globe. Due to the presence of reproductions, commissioned woodworks, and replacements sometimes found with world globes, using the hardware to date a globe is less likely to provide an accurate date.

However, political information is a fairly sound way to date a globe. As the years pass, country borders sometimes shift with political upheavals.

Replogle tolman dating, Globe Maker: Replogle Globes; Dating your globe

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Dating cram globes. Date range antique globes because they often show the premier. From to right around the rest of my. Anyway, analemma and geographyworld atlas of water, plus all your search.

Including Geographia Limited and Bartholomew maps. Hagstrom. How Old is Your Globe? From Replogle Globes. A list of name-changes for countries with dates.

The first step is to know the manufacturer and the time the manufacturer was in operation. This will help narrow down the age of your globe by several centuries. See our list of globe makers to find yours. Below is a listing of important discoveries and political names or border changes that are noted on most globes. This will help determine the age of your model.

Please keep in mind that dating globes is not a perfect science as many globes, especially up to the early 20th century displayed borders based on information provided by explorers, military and other political or commercial influences. You may find models made in the same era but in different countries not showing exactly the same information on their maps.

Quick checks to determine the approximate era of a Globe to follow up with a more detailed search:. Petersburg, Russia was renamed Petrograd from

How to date a globe

They just jump out at me and I feel compelled to buy them. All of them. And, oh the variety! Some have wire bases my favorites , some have art deco wood and metal bases, atomic era bullet shaped bases, groovy clear acrylic bases from the 70s, and the list goes on.

I need an vintage world globe in my house:) Beautifully aged, the little globe features gorgeous tones and a map dating between and All Replogle globes have up to date cartography as recognized by the U.S. State Department.

Have a question for George? E-mail us. Below: Globe terms defined Reference materials about globes Who manufactured globes? Analemmas explained Dating globes Labels pasted on globes Mapping the Stars Improving digital photos of maps Restoring old planetaria Condition of works on paper How were 19th century lithographs made? Q: Could you clear up a matter of the naming of these objects for me? You seem to make a distinction between armillary spheres, tellurians and orreries.

I would be happy if you could tell me the difference amongst all of these. I had thought that tellurians were synonymous with planetaria and orreries. Is the main difference between celestial globes and orreries that orreries are mechanical? Thank you so much for helping a confused but dedicated amateur! A: Planetaria or planetary models is a general term that includes armillary spheres, tellurians and orreries.

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Vintage Replogle World Classic Series. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class. Base is loose replogle needs to be tightened up.

How up-to-date is the globe? Why are globes tilted? Many Replogle® globes are made to tilt at an angle of.

Submit your own Neatorama post and vote for others’ posts to earn NeatoPoints that you can redeem for T-shirts, hoodies and more over at the NeatoShop! It can be a lot of fun to find an old map and try to determine its date by the place names on it. North Vietnam and South Vietnam? Obviously between and East Germany? Between and But getting a precise year may take some further sleuthing. Luckily, we have a chart from Replogle Globe to consult.

If your world globe has Southwest Africa on it instead of Namibia, but also has Zimbabwe instead of the older name Rhodesia, you can narrow it down to the s.

Determining the Age of your Globe

Sometimes you just get the feeling that you want to do something random. This is the outcome of one of those cases. Globes are pretty cool, so here’s a place to share all of those globes you’ve seen with other people who love globes just as much as you do! Dating a Replogle Globe

At the top of the globe is a separate small silver-colored metal time dial. Based on a guide to dating globes on the Replogle web site, this globe was made.

Made By: Replogle Globes, Inc. As a kid, I used a Replogle globe to find the location of faraway cities. And it all started nearly 20 years before mankind had ever seen an actual photograph of the planet Earth as we know it. Luther Replogle is the hero of this story—another example of the down-and-out salesman with a dream of something greater.

But Replogle, a Pennsylvania Dutchman himself, saw a potential for these objects that no one before him had quite yet envisioned. The romantic origin story of the Replogle Globes empire remains a beloved part of company folklore. Somewhere along the line, he got to thinking that the world globes he was hawking might have a wider appeal beyond the classroom. Radio, telephones, and film were making the world feel smaller, and the average citizen wanted a tangible means of putting it all in a proper geographical context.

An affordable means, too.


I have always been interested in the history of things….. Every Sunday after I had added my few dimes and nickels to help poor kids in some less fortunate part of the world, I loved to look at the bright colors of the various countries on the small metal globe. Canada and Australia are huge splotches of pink, which usually caught my eye. Oddly enough the Soviet Union was colored a bright sunny yellow, which never quite squared with the menacing, stark images of that country in the media as I was growing up.

Another country in yellow that perplexed me was Greenland! Anyway my love of maps and globes was nurtured at a young age.

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Date Codes for Maps. From the Western Association of Map Libraries website. Dating a Map. Including Geographia Limited and Bartholomew maps. How Old is Your Globe? From Replogle Globes. A list of name-changes for countries with dates. Johnson U.

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